Straight Modular Kitchen

We have done hundreds of modular kitchen so far and our clients have been very happy with the pre and post services.

Our straight modular wardrobes are smooth, sleek, stylish and space saving.

What else you look forward while looking for storage in an Indian kitchen?

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Two beautiful rows, running parallel to each other, these kind of kitchen should look very tidy and neat, to make your functioning smooth. The cabinets should have spacious opening styles to avoid collision.

You can use both the set of cabinets, with just a turn and twist in the passage in between.

L- Shaped Modular Kitchen

Yet another kind of kitchen shapes is the L shaped one small row adjacent to the longer row with modular wardrobes and cabinets.

This forms a very compact kitchen working area specially the cooking and storage areas are well differentiated. The L shaped makes your kitchen look more spacious.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

U shaped modular kitchen makes a wonderfully organized cabinet design. Utilizing the three way direction we can make you some great storage, cooking and cleaning space.

They are a very spacious and judiciously designed kitchen space. It looks broad and luxurious at the same time.

Island Modular Kitchen

The Island kitchen is the most ultra modern design, loved by clients. If you have a decent space for your kitchen we recommend you the Island shaped structure.

It gives your kitchen a lavish and open look. Altus Interio Jaipur has made some of the most loved island shaped designs so far.

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Our Working Process

We at Altus Interio Jaipur follow a very basic four step process to give you your dream modular kitchen.

Understanding Requirements

A basic thesis about your requirement is formed. This serves as base of the designing and installation of modular kitchen.


Modular Kitchen Design

The most optimally designed modular kitchen comes on the paper after a good brainstorming with the client and designers.


Quotation / Finalisation

We strive to finalise the best design for your modular kitchen and modular wardrobes. A final quote is then ready for installation.


Modular Kitchen Installation

The exact delivery point is the installation. We give you the best fittings, services and finishing. A well installed modular kitchen is guaranteed.